About Me

Walking through the darkness looking for the light.
The journey feels like this in the beginning.

I guess this is the part where I tell you a little bit more about me.

Honestly, there isn’t much to tell.  I’m not a lion tamer or celebrity know-it-all.


In fact, I’m a regular asshole.  I go to work, pay my bills, cheer my football team and spend time with my family & friends.  Nothing too much out of the ordinary.  Believe me, I like it this way.

I used to be a hard charger, running the streets & finding a card game to hustle.  And yes, I knew plenty of interesting characters and walked a life of adventure–once upon a time.  But you don’t care about any of that shit.

No.  The relevant part of my story is that somewhere along the way, I got into the website thing.  And I do enjoy it, because having your own corner of the Internet is pretty cool.

Given the way that the internet has changed our lives (in such a fundamental fashion), the reality of actually having a website means that we possess the ability to communicate whatever we want to the rest of the world !

Heavy shit, right?

Yeah.  I think so too.

But none of that means nothing if you don’t get eyeballs on your stuff, your content.  That’s where the idea for this site was born.  Because I know full well what it feels like when you’ve got something to say–or sell–and nobody knows about it.

Yes, that’s frustrating.  So in order the remedy that situation, my deal is that I’m gonna develop the skill of driving traffic to my website.  Hell yeah I am!  And what’s better is that you’re gonna learn right along with me.

That’s what I’m about.

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