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It’s important to build value, but how?

I honestly don’t remember where I read it that first time.  But I do know that the phrase confused the hell outta me.

All I remember is that the very first time I learned of the phrase “add value” (presumably to your readers as they consume your content), it sounded so intelligent!  So sophisticated.  So I made a mental note that I have to add value, filed it away mentally & kept thuggin.

Eventually, my plan was to add value to my blog at some point.  But then it hit me; I have no idea what the hell this damn thing means!  So it was time to do some digging.

The Search For ‘Value Added’

I bet you can guess what my first move was.

Yup.  Went straight to Google.  And I also did some sniffing around some business-related sites I like to check out every now & then.  Investopedia had an interesting definition:

value added definition

Okay.  Yeah, I get that definition.  But how exactly am I supposed to apply that to a blog? 

So I kept digging.

And I did find answers.  But most of the time, it was the same corporate  techo-speak that just drove me crazy.  If my site was selling aluminum siding, then the stuff I was reading would make sense.   But the issue at hand wasn’t getting solved to my satisfaction.

If You Do The Right Things, The Right Things Will Happen

Well whaddiya know?  The answer ends up falling right into my lap, entirely by accident!

See, my plan for the first three months of this blog is to drive traffic to this site using 2 primary vehicles

  1. Blog Commenting
  2. Twitter

The answer dawned on me while I was busy doing my thing on Twitter.  Well, it felt more like getting hit over the head with a dumbell – but this is how it went down:

My goal on twitter is to (wait for it) add value in the way that I tweet, interact, & promote.  And the way that I define this phase for that medium is to always think in terms of the other person.  Not myself.

What I mean by that is making sure that I be the furthest thing from the tweeters shouting BUY MY SHIT! endlessly (over and over, all day everyday).  And to distance myself even more from  this crowd, I decided that I am going to promote the people that chose to follow me in ways that would surprise them, but also command their attention.

So I started doing just that.  Then I got to thinking “well, I wonder what would happen if I really went outta my way to promote people that chose to follow me?”

The results have been magic!

Since that time, I have seen my like, shares, & retweets soar.  Not only have I been able to successfully drive some traffic back here to the blog from this method, but in a short period of time I’ve established some fruitful relationships.

In fact, I don’t even like to call it a ‘method’.  It’s simply me acting and behaving as my best self.  And (I believe) because I sincerely began helping people, I started receiving the rewards.

That’s how I found the key.

What Does This Have To Do With You?

Life sure is funny sometimes.

For all of the endless research that I did off-and-on over months on the topic, it was the simple act of doing that taught me the most.

There is a profound lesson for both of us right there.

You see, adding value means that you do two things; 1) Go the extra mile for your customers/clients/visitors.  2) Bend over backwards and over deliver to them the earn their goodwill.

That’s adding value.  That’s it.

For instance, if you mow lawns for extra dough, then don’t just cut the grass.  Everybody you compete with is gonna do that.  Go the extra mile and give your customers free tulips with their freshly cut grass.  And over deliver by planting and maintaining them yourself at no extra charge!  Do ya think your competition would do that?

Or, if you offer tax prep services, not only should  you do a great job on your clients’ taxes, but go the extra mile by showing them a filing system that organizes (and safeguards) all of their relevant tax forms.  And blow them away by giving them the office supplies to house their sensitive documents for free.  That’s adding value!

Now that you know how to do it, how are you going to add value to the visitors to your site?

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Author: Otis

I’m a regular asshole. I go to work, pay my bills, cheer my football team and spend time with my family & friends. Nothing too much out of the ordinary. But somewhere along the way, I got into the website thing. And I know full well what it feels like when you’ve got something to say–or sell–and nobody knows about it. That's why I started this site.

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