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So what’re we talkin’ about here?

Getting traffic!  Straight, no chaser.  The deal here is we (you & I) are going to learn together how to drive traffic to our website(s) using all of the tactics, techniques, and tricks of the trade.

Well, nothing tacky.  I’m not talkin’ about pulling that “Click here to claim your free iPod!” bullshit.

No sir.  This here is a quest.  Very simply, the Goal of this blog is to learn how to reliably drive traffic to a given website and/or blog.  That’s our focus.  We will know that we’ve been successful when you (and I) are totally comfortable setting up a site from scratch and knowing full well that we can count on X visitors in Y timeframe.

Sure, there will be other stuff – related issues, case studies, & an occasional rant; but developing this crucial skill is the primary focus here.  And let me also point out that if you dig what I’m talkin’ about here, then connect with me socially:

Once again, I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

Cool!  Now let’s get back to it.

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