Let’s Sign Our Contract

A man signing a contract
Doesn’t that look suspiciously like a purse?

Listen.  Before we truly get down to the nitty-gritty, I want to establish our agreement.  I consider this to be the point where we each sign a contract with one another.

Don’t worry.  There’s no need to toss your phone or laptop out the living room window!  What I’m referring to is a gentlemen’s agreement between you and me.  Basically, I will keep my word–but I also want you to keep yours.  That’s how these things work.  I’m asking you to do some stuff.

To be sure, you stand to benefit because it’s all about you building your site (or your social media profile) on your end.  Honestly, that’s all I want outta this.  Well….that, and I would feel gratified to know that my posts are actually useful.  So let’s get right to it!

My Contract With You

I hereby pledge that I will faithfully carry out my duties wholeheartedly and with full sincerity towards aiding in our mutual pursuit of successfully driving traffic to our websites.  In so doing, I promise to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • It is my full intention to implement sound traffic generation principles.  In that I shall work my hardest to put into practice only quality traffic building strategies and tactics that produce quality results.
  • I pledge to also continue my education on the subjects of social media marketing, search engine optimization (specifically linkbuilding), email marketing, as well as building a base of referral traffic.
  • Although I may occasionally dabble into what may be described as gimmicky tactics (knowingly or unknowingly), I promise that these tactics will not be treated as serious, results oriented strategies.
  • Further, it is my solemn oath that once I find a sound, workable method, I will share such a method with you in full, without hesitation or delay.  In fact, it is also my publicly stated intent to fully analyze and examine such results generating methods in-depth, for the benefit of the visitor.
  • And lastly, I pledge to take steady, continued action towards to accomplishment of these previously discussed goals.  Henceforth, I shall proceed diligently in pursuit of these aforementioned objectives, will great purpose and sincere application.

I the undersigned, state that I shall strive to adhere to these above points with the utmost fidelity and integrity.  By the power vested in me, I swear that by these bounds I shall remain faithful to my duty.


Otis D digital signature image



Otis Desmond

Now It’s Your Turn!

Relax!  I don’t literally expect a legally binding signature from you (hell, no money has changed hands over this agreement).  Nah dog.  What I do want from you however, is your commitment.

I would like you to commit–right now–that you will do your part.

What’s your part, you ask?  It’s elementary, really.  Simply commit to truly trying this time to generate website traffic to your own domain.  Or social media page.  Or whatever it is that isn’t seeing the people right now.

I know how it was before, because it’s been that way for me too.  But together we can put an end to all the madness.  If you put in just 5 hours a week (that’s it), I know you’ll see a difference six months from now.  Hell, 2 months from now.  I told you, the part you had to do really isn’t for me; it’s for you.

Are you ready this time?

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Author: Otis

I’m a regular asshole. I go to work, pay my bills, cheer my football team and spend time with my family & friends. Nothing too much out of the ordinary. But somewhere along the way, I got into the website thing. And I know full well what it feels like when you’ve got something to say–or sell–and nobody knows about it. That's why I started this site.

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