The Second Twitter Traffic Tuesday Chat: Close, But No Cigar

Second Twitter Traffic Tuesday Chat
There is improvement, but it ain’t there yet.

Okay…that’s strike two.

Once again, I hosted the Twitter Traffic Tuesday Chat (hashtag: #o3tchat) the other day.

This time, I felt good.  There was no nervousness, I did promote it ahead of time & I even received some confirmed commitments.  And it still bombed!

What the fuck is going on here!??


Honestly, I think I know how & where I went wrong.

Let’s get right to it.

As per usual, I’m layin’ all my cards on the table.  For real, what’s the point in documenting this stuff if I’m gonna pussyfoot around when I don’t get the result that I’m looking for?  No.  That doesn’t help you, and it doesn’t help me either.

With that said, let’s do this good, bad, & ugly style.

The Good

For what it’s worth, I did take heed to the lessons I learned the first time around.  Well, sort of.  If you wanna know what those lessons were, click here.

Alright.  So what did I do right?

  1. I promoted the event starting a week out.  My thinking was to get this upcoming event on people’s radar screens, so I started tweeting it once I was a week away from showtime.  And, I also made sure to publicize it on Google+ & Tumblr.
  2. I DM’ed a section of my followers.  This is a new tactic (the Direct Message).  And it impressed me with how powerful a technique this is!  What I did was put together a standardized message that I tailored to each user that I hit up.  But I did use a 100% unique message to send to the users that I interact with the most.
  3. Sent an automated DM to new followers.  Once again, this was a new tactic for me.  But I get the feeling that I’ve stumbled onto something that could be devastatingly effective once I learn to use it to its full potential.  So what I did was set up a free account with UnfollowSpy – and through their platform I crafted a Direct Message that is automatically sent to new followers.  And that helped me increase my reach in a more efficient manner.

These things I think I got right.  In the future, I will make a point to build upon these tactics.

The Bad

Here’s the part that ain’t so good.  Unfortunately, there appears to be a pattern evident…

  1. I’ve got to do a better job promoting the event.  This has definitely shown itself to be a weak spot in my game.  The problem is that I did not promote the event consistently.  Straight-to-the-point, I didn’t tweet out a promo every day.  In hindsight, I will tweet out a promo several times a day (each day) to get the word out.  This fix is easy.
  2. I didn’t Direct Message enough people.  Looking back at it, my mistake seems clear now.  I didn’t hit up enough people.  As of today, my twitter account for this site has close to 1700 followers.  To promote this event, I hit up less than 200 with invitations.
    Easy fix, right?
  3. Sent an auto-DM to new followers at the last minute.  Self explanatory.  The event was held on a Tuesday.  I set up the automated message on Monday. Doh!!
    Yeah, I fucked that one up.  Lesson learned.

All told, the tactics were solid, but the execution sucked.  That can be fixed.

The Ugly

Is it just me, or is “the ugly” just another “bad” column?  Ugh!

But I digress.

Staying with this format, let’s  break it down into threes once more:

  1. I did not participate in a Twitter Chat.  This one is personally disappointing, because it was my intention to do so in order to better prepare myself for this second chat.  And even though nobody showed, the fact of the matter is that I did not prepare myself for the possibility of having hosted users.  If nothing else, I want the opportunity to peep how a more seasoned host manages the flow of a chat. In the next few days, I’ll try to attend a chat once again.
  2. My promotion effort was half-assed (AGAIN!!).  This has to stop.  And after two swings & misses, I think I’ve got it.  Truthfully, promoting the chat is gonna be an insane amount of work!  But that’s okay because now I’m clear on exactly what I need to do.  Truth is, it took these two failures (and the lessons in them) for my to fully get it.  Luckily, now I have.  It’s just a matter of applying these lessons from this point going forward.
  3. NOBODY SHOWED UP (Again)!!  Yeah, I wish there was a way around this one: but there ain’t.  Nobody showed up.  And I did get some yeses this time.  But that was from less than 10 people.  Believe me, it ain’t their fault that no one showed – it’s mine.  I know that.  But failure is what trains us to be champions.  And the most important thing I can do is to learn from the lessons here.  I know that too.  But it doesn’t take the sting outta the failure.  Believe me, I wish it did!  Unfortunately, that’s not how we learn.  Is it?

The takeaway for me is if these lessons are put into proper perspective, then things should get corrected pretty quickly.


I admit to you that it sucks to lose.  And I get the feeling that you didn’t need me to tell you that either.

Be that as it may, it is through scenarios such as these that we learn to build a new skill set.  And that’s what I’m after.

My goal in working to establish this Twitter Chat is to build some common understanding (and increase my personal comprehension) on how to market effectively on Twitter.  It seems best to actually learn from those that are already having success doing it.  And what better way to do this than through collaborative discussion?

Plus my belief is that once I can get this chat off the ground, then my blog will benefit from the increased traffic load.  That’s how I plan to Win!

But first things first.  I gotta get this chat going.

So the third time’s gotta be the charm.


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Author: Otis

I’m a regular asshole. I go to work, pay my bills, cheer my football team and spend time with my family & friends. Nothing too much out of the ordinary. But somewhere along the way, I got into the website thing. And I know full well what it feels like when you’ve got something to say–or sell–and nobody knows about it. That's why I started this site.

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