So “How The Hell Do I Get Traffic” You Ask? This Is How

How the hell do I get traffic?
How do you drive that kinda traffic your way?

Hell yeah.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

I don’t know about you, but picturing that volume of web traffic flowing to my site looks better to me than a playboy centerfold.   I picture one side of the street as the paid traffic &  the other as the organic traffic.  And the truly beautiful thing is that we’re gonna learn how to draw both.

Okay, so how the hell is that gonna happen?  The answer is, I’m gonna show you.

Wassup guys, my name is Otis.  For those of you who didn’t click thru from my homepage (no big deal), here’s a bit more about me.  And for those that didn’t feel like clicking the link, that’s cool too.  All you need to know is that I’m a regular guy that works a regular job, & I’m trying to figure out this whole website thing.  Sound familiar?

Thought so.  In fact, that’s probably a lot like you.

Here’s the thing: I’m gonna assume that you fit the profile of the type of visitor I expect to host on this here blog.  Specifically, I believe that you know how to put together a website.  You know, buying a domain name, securing hosting, and building out a full fledged self-hosted site.  For our purposes, that will represent the basics.  My assumption is that you know the basics.

What you may not be so skilled at is actually ranking your site for a given set of keywords and establishing a steady flow of visitors to your targeted posts.  And you know full well that therein lies the rub.

Believe me, I feel ya.

In fact, I empathize so much so that I decided to start a blog that is dedicated to figuring this out for the average webmaster.  The idea is that I will make use of every sane method that I can get my hands on in order to empirically state to you what works & what doesn’t.

(sorry – I got a thing for vocabulary.  Just bear with me, ’cause sometimes I start using them SAT words.)

Anyways, this is the premise. (shit, I did it again!)

My Qualifications

The beauty of this setup is that I don’t have any relevant qualifications!  I consider that an asset, because you know that if my dumb ass can do it then so can you.

To put it a different way, I don’t have a marketing background.  Nor have I ever worked for an SEO company & am now flying solo.  And I don’t already have x number of sites in my portfolio printing my money on autopilot – but that’s definitely the dream, ain’t it?

No sir (or madame. gals are welcome here too).  I’m a pretty standard working stiff that has seen the wisdom of building my own digital assets.

Seriously, I learned just like you did.  I’ve bought my share of Internet Marketing products, spent plenty of late nights googling answers to thorny questions I’ve had, and learning the fundamentals of web coding.  You know, html, css & the like. (for those of your that don’t know, take the time to learn.  Those are links to a site that will teach you for FREE.  That’s how I did it.)

If pressed, I could explain a thing or two about websites and how search engines work & all, but an expert I am not.  And I have made a dollar or two here & there, but I still am at that novice phase.  I can promise you that no web company is sending me a monthly check right now.  Bottom line.

Feel me?

So that’s where I’m at.  Also, I can’t help but get the feeling that with the stuff I do know, I should be able to consistently produce something – but at the moment, that’s not happening.  And it’s time for that bullshit to stop.

So How The Hell Do I Get Traffic?

Ah yes, the million dollar question.  And I’ll be honest with you; I don’t know!

Well…look.  I do actually know.  At least, I believe I do.  Although I remember reading one time

To know and not do is not yet to know


And that’s how I view this topic.  Because I have not built steady traffic to any site that I have owned, I refuse to say that know how to do it.  Get me?

But I have learned some  fundamental points.  Three of them, in fact.  They are

3 Things You Need To Drive Traffic

  1. Patience.  Look, it’s not going to happen overnight.  But “it’s just like Novocaine.  Give it time, always works.”  I LOVE that line!
  2. Commitment. Nowadays with the net, smartphones, smart TVs, instant access to information is everywhere.  But to gain anything worthwhile, you’ve got to work at it.  You know this.  As do I.  But sometimes, the simplest concepts are the most difficult to master.  Amen to that, right?
  3. A Willingness To TAKE ACTION.  This is the most important point in the entire post.  With steady, consistent action, there is no doubt that you’ll see results.  Put it this way: how many times have you ended up on a website that you weren’t impressed with?  Whether through google, or by following a link from a random site, the point is that webmaster succeeded in drawing YOU as a visitor.  And the one thing you can say is that he put in the time & effort to get you there.  Taking action is fundamental.

Well, What’s The Secret?

That’s the secret.  And it took me a long-ass time to figure that one out.  Everything you need to be successful is already within you.  Yes – that’s the secret!

Of course your inbox is still getting smashed with “Click this button to turn on a firehose of traffic!”  But c’mon, that stuff is just sales talk.  (Okay, I still fall for this too from time-to-time because those sales tactics work)

Of course there are guys out there that are killin’ it big time.  But remember – they have been in the game for YEARS!  Or, hooked up with a big player in the market.  Or have an insane budget for PPC, which the average Joe just getting into the business doesn’t have.

But before they got their internet millions, they started at square one just like us.  And the factors that separated them from the herd (among all else) were the three I listed above.  But numero uno is taking action.


That’s really it playa.  Yes, learning the ins & outs of a given method is important, as well as making sure that your SEO game is on point too.  And the art of the people game does apply, even online.  Because if you’re going to ask someone to link to you, they ain’t doing it if you spam the shit outta their site a month straight before you even ask.  All it boils down to is doing right by others, in that regard.

But look–the particulars of any method can be learned.  The key is are you gonna bring your work ethic to the table?

I leave you with this.
Years ago, I worked for a sales organization.  Hardest workin’ job I ever had.  We put in 14+ hours a day Monday thru Friday, with our “short” day falling on Saturday (12hrs).  Every week, especially on holidays.  It was direct marketing, which means we worked outside, rain or shine, all year long.  AND we made money only based on how much product we sold on consignment!

I learned an awful lot about a lotta things during my time there, but there’s one message that really stayed with me.  They always asked us a simple question:

Are you willing to work harder for someone else than you are for yourself?

Think about it.

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Author: Otis

I’m a regular asshole. I go to work, pay my bills, cheer my football team and spend time with my family & friends. Nothing too much out of the ordinary. But somewhere along the way, I got into the website thing. And I know full well what it feels like when you’ve got something to say–or sell–and nobody knows about it. That's why I started this site.

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