The Official Twitter Traffic Tuesday Chat: Lessons Learned

Twitter Chat Recap
Thankfully, nobody got hurt.

Well, the [Inaugural] Official Twitter Tuesday Traffic Chat took place earlier today.  And well…it was a learning experience.For starters, I know the title is ridiculously long.  And NO, I don’t expect anyone to run around saying it.  In fact, I think the hashtag #o3tchat works just fine.

So how did it go?

Ehhh…let’s just say that I learned a lot.  In other words, it bombed!

But that’s okay, because the truth is that I did learn a lot.  As a matter-of-fact, I am reminded of the famous Watson quote

If you want to succeed, double your failure rate. –Thomas J. Watson


By that standard, I’ll be rich & retired by the end of the year.

Twitter Chat Recap

Anyways, let’s deal with the issue at hand (my bruised ego notwithstanding).  And that is the Twitter Chat recap.  My immediate takeaway is that I was taught three lessons:

  1. I should have participated in a chat beforehand.  I do feel foolish copping to this now, but the obvious thing to do would have been to actually join & contribute to an established chat before trying my hand at it.  That way, I would have a better handle on how these things work. Yes, I have been in Twitter Chats, but it was so long ago that looking back, it should’ve been obvious that I should get a refresher under my belt.
    Lesson Learned.
  2. My promotion strategy was half-ass.  Once again, to announce to the world that I fucked up in such basic ways is a tough pill to swallow.  No doubt about it.  But if my experience can provide a useful lesson for you moving forward, then you know what?  It’s worth it.
    That being said, the lesson here is to develop a strategy for promotion & consistently apply it.  See, it isn’t that I neglected to promote the chat – in fact, it’s far to the contrary.  I promoted the chat on TwitterTumblr, & Google+.  What I didn’t do was consistently promote the chat, especially in the week leading up to it.  I sent a post out here & there, but not everyday.  That was a mistake.
  3. I did not invite specific users!  The truth is I didn’t forget, or neglected to think of doing it: the bottom line on this one is that I was hesitant to invite specific people.  That’s personally disappointing, because I’ve had such wonderful success with Twitter.  All things considered, I believe that my Twitter game has been the strongest part of my blogging.  My engagement rate of success has been quite high, but I failed to take advantage of it by DM’ing users I vibe well with.  In hindsight, had I invited 30 or so folks, I’m confident 5 of them would’ve showed.  But I didn’t capitalize on it.  Big time mistake!

And one thing I didn’t put on the list was how relieved I was to get through the chat, even though nobody showed.  I don’t know why, but I was scared shitless!  In the last few days leading up to it, my anxiety went through the roof.  Even 10 minutes in (when it was clear nobody was going to show), I was fine.  But the hour before kickoff, I was going stir crazy.

Now that the experience is behind me, I can relax.  Maybe it took me just going through the motions one time – I dunno.  But now that the worst has happened, I can lick my wounds & regroup.  And for real, I’m not any worse off.  The experience has been valuable.


In recapping The [Inaugural] Official Twitter Tuesday Traffic Chat, I have learned that shouting about an event doesn’t guarantee you any participation.  What may lead to participation is actually stepping outside of your comfort zone–or I should say, MY comfort zone–and promoting the event properly.  And consistently.

As I have promised you earlier, I am going to learn how to drive traffic to my website & you can learn from me taking my lumps.  That means that it won’t all be smooth sailing.  Learning anything new involves some ups & downs.  Of course it’s always easier bragging about successes.  But the simple truth is that our failures teach us the most valuable lessons.

From that point of view, this endeavor was valuable.  Even if it wasn’t successful.

Back to the drawing board.

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